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How to Change your IP every 5 second in Kali Linux?

Stay anonymous in internet by joining the TOR Network

In the digital age, maintaining anonymity and securing online activities has become increasingly crucial. One effective way to enhance privacy and security is by regularly changing your IP address. This article will guide you through the process of changing your IP every 5 seconds in Kali Linux, a popular penetration testing and ethical hacking platform.

Steps to Change your IP every 5 second in Kali Linux

1. Open your favorite browser and search for Auto TOR IP Changer or easily click on the below link.

Click on the code icon and Copy the URL.

2. Launch the Terminal and type the below commands one by one:

Sudo Su

git clone https://github.com/FDX100/Auto_Tor_IP_changer.git

Move to the Auto_Tor_IP_Changer folder by typing the below command.

Cd Auto_Tor_IP_Changer

chmod +x install.py

3. Install python by executing the below command.

python3 install.py

4. Type on the keyboard and press enter.

5. Now type Aur to start the Auto Tor changing IP address.

6. Once you have started, don’t do anything, instead launch your browser> go to the settings> Network settings.

7. Choose Manual Proxy Configuration.

8. In front of SOCKS Host type this IP and port number of 9050 and click OK.

9. Now go ahead back to the Terminal and configure the time to change the IP in seconds. In my case, I will be entering it 10 seconds, or you can enter 5 seconds if you need.

10. In the next section where it is asking How many times do you want change your IP for infinite ip change type, well, you have to type and move on.

Now go ahead and enjoying being anonymous across the internet with Kali Linux.

Watch the step-by-step guide video:





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