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What is Phishing?

An attacker may take the victim’s personal information, bank account information, and credit cards for personal gain, and in other cases, collect login information, online account passwords, and other information for use in other types of malicious attacks. In this regard, the first step should be to design a website with high security.

What is phishing and its types?

Phishing can happen to people in any way, for example with personal email, SMS, phone number, Instagram, or different social media and…

whaling fishing

In this type, the ultimate and important goal of phishers is too big people and senior managers. In terms of education, these people have the necessary knowledge to identify and recognize and they are very high in terms of security level, but the weak point that was found in all of these people was the continuous and repeated messages in the field of taxes and… which caused These people to fall into the trap of phishing.

Smishing attacks

In this type people mostly try to defraud with phone conversations, for example, they call you with a valid name with the title of getting a discount and get your national information or card information and withdraw the amount from your account. have.

What is spear phishing? (spear phishing)

Spear phishing is another type that, unlike normal, targets a specific group or company. This type of phishing is more powerful than normal ones because basic information about the organization or individual is already known. have.

What is SMS phishing?

SMS phishing generally starts with a simple message that you click on the following link or a simple message that you check your email or call a certain number.

Phishing generally gets your national number and card number and your credit information, and sometimes they may damage your phone with malware and malicious software or remove your personal information with that software.

What is Instagram phishing?

In recent years, people have used Instagram more than other mobile applications, that’s why it has been reported in this software. It can be clicking on a specific link or even Google bots that send a lot of messages and request to deposit a sum of money to purchase certain facilities.

What is bank card phishing?

Bank card phishing is the way that people try to know your bank card number by designing a fake card reader, or by sending you a text message and an email, looking for your word, and entering your bank card information to withdraw money. is.

How does phishing happen?

Attackers first select a group of people to target, and then an email or text message is set up that appears to come from a trusted and legitimate source. The message may contain malicious links or attachments, or be intended to trick the victim into taking dangerous or anonymous actions. For example, a message is sent to you by the judiciary and asks you to fill in your national code and name to confirm the user account required by the government, but in fact, the attacker used this trick to force you to enter information. Be sensitive and secure.

For the issue of hacking and emptying the account, one of the best methods is the help of the police.

What are the signs of phishing?

One of the parts related to phishing is that many people do not know about this issue and do not know when this issue occurs, we will discuss the symptoms of this issue further.

  • Threats and feelings of stress
  • Inappropriate message style
  • unreasonable requests
  • Speech and writing errors
  • Conflict in website addresses
  • Request payment information, password, bank card, and user profile

In general, phishing attacks have the following characteristics:

It relies on triggering emotions such as fear, curiosity, and greed to get message recipients to open attachments or click on links. 
Messages are designed to appear to be from a reputable company, organization, institution, or person.

Attackers change the message format and target audience from time to time and become more creative and sophisticated over time. It is just a successful phishing message to hack networks and steal data.

How to prevent phishing?

Protection from phishing requires relevant and necessary knowledge by both users and companies, for this reason, one of the accurate answers to the question “how to prevent phishing” is that obtaining sufficient information and knowledge can help you Part of this issue is kept away.

In all phishing, you can find small problems, it can be said for sure that people will make a little mistake unless they are very professional, usually, it is a normal issue in entered URLs or wrong spelling, which is a little subtle. You can achieve this. But the best option to prevent phishing attacks is the following options.

  • 2-step authentication
  • Use strong passwords for this type of attack
  • holding educational courses
  • Do not click on external URLs

Why is phishing a problem?

Attackers can easily extract people’s personal information and use it for their own benefit, extracting money and large amounts of money that cause serious psychological and physical harm. Extortion for a longer period of time.

What is the difference between farming and phishing?

The question has been raised many times what is the difference between Pharming and Phishing, we will find the answer to this question here: 
Phishing is a cyber-attack that leads people to use this attack by tricking the user through bank card and SMS. .. but farming is people who manipulate the DNS of the website and direct the user to the malicious and damaging website, for example by directing people to the bank portal to buy digital currency or… the amount of money from their account They will remove with personal consent.

Phishing is one of the important parts that you must pay attention to when entering the site.

What to do after a phishing attack?

After being attacked by phishing and entering your privacy and causing damage to you, the best option is to follow up with the FATA police. FATA police can be followed. Try to control yourself and seek to solve the problem and also attract your attention in the virtual space.

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