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How To Use Data Validation in MS Excel

Data validation in MS Excel explained

How To Use Data Validation in MS Excel:

The Data Validation option in MS Excel is located in the Data tab. It controls the data type in the sheet. You can limit the type of data inside cells using data validation. Normally, any type of data can be typed in any cell, but this option restricts it to only one type of data. For instance, to input prices in a column, you can use whole number data validation. Only whole numbers can be typed in the selected cells, and no other data type is allowed.

So here is how you can use this option:
First go to data tab and then click on the data validation option and then select the first option.

Clicking on the data validation option in Excel presents you with the following interface. You can then select the specific type of data you want to input into the selected cells within the validation criteria. For example, you have the choice to select from options like whole number, decimal, list, date, or any other available data type.

Choose the data:
Once you select the type of data to be entered in the selected cells, you must then choose the specific criteria, such as whether it should be greater than, equal to, or less than a specific value or number.

After choosing the data you have to fill the mentioned cells with the data you want. After that hit ok and Data Validation is applied to the selected cells.

Data Validation used in a project:

In the table below, I only want to enter numbers ranging from 1000 to 9999. I want to prevent entering any number less than 1000 or greater than 9999 in the cells.

Excel now displays an error when someone types a data which is less than 1000 or greater than 9999. See the picture below for the error message.

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